getting it out of the way.

I'm nursing my 2012 hangover a day early. 

I had pretty big plans for today. A nine mile run with Melissa, some grocery shopping and tidying, and an informal dinner at home with neighbors and friends to usher in 2012. It's a similar plan to last year's, which worked out quite well.

What's that saying? The best-laid plans of mice and men yada yada yada.... 

Yesterday, 1.30.11. I had my last personal training appointment with Lisa at 11, so I stopped en route to a homeware store to pick up some necessities. You know, dish sponges, toothpaste, cake pans and an offset spatula, extra champagne flutes...things one simply cannot function without. I ran into my neighbor, and we made some loose plans to meet up after dinner at a local restaurant. I sent some texts to the hubs and some other neighbors, and headed to the gym...where my ass was soundly handed to me by my trainer. (Funny, how I can run for miles but I can't hold a plank anymore...looks like someone needs to round out her workouts.)

Cleaning. Grocery-ing. 6 o'clock rolled around and I headed over to JM's house to see their renovations and meet the pup they were babysitting. We headed to Maplewood Grille sometime after 7:30, and met hubs and some other neighbors there.

And that's when it starts to get fuzzy. Too many glasses of merlot. Some well-intentioned prodding. A very kind pianist. And all of a sudden yours truly has a microphone in her hand, and is trying to remember lyrics and negotiate a very large break in her voice. Yep. Singing. In public. Shameful. And also? Really fun. 

Walking home with a tipsy hubby sometime after 1am, just like old times. 

Waking up at 7am. Even with gatorade and advil, this morning was pretty rough...and made even more so by the weather being achingly gorgeous; warm, sunny, late-spring weather in December. This evening's festivities have been cancelled, as I feel sure that I won't be making it much past 10pm. (that's an optimistic guess...)

So I'm honoring a crazy 2011 with a residual headache, sore muscles, and a throat that's scratchtastic. I'm making lists in a small black notebook of things I'm grateful for, things I want to rid myself of, things and people and experiences that I want to invite into my 2012. I'm starting to plan some month-long projects. And I'm thinking about tomorrow, about the ways in which I want to start my 2012. 

But mostly I'm sitting in a comfy chair with a cat on my lap, listening to my hubs and the dog (both!) snore, and feeling pretty lucky. 

Wishing you the very best of everything for 2012. 


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