procrastinating? or way ahead of the curve?

Can this be our Christmas tree?
I'm sitting down to write this as one of my rewards: a 10 minute break for focused housework. I find that if I just put the time aside to clean (which, let's be honest, I totally hate. Love the result, don't get me wrong, but I hate doing it. The decision fatigue occurs WAY earlier than it should. And by the way, when will they make self-folding laundry, for Pete's sake?) I end up doing a few things and then getting totally distracted. But, if I clean for an hour and then get some putter-around time? Well, I generally get more done.

('s kinda the way I'm training for this half-marathon, too... walk a minute for every mile. Guess if something works in one arena, chances are it'll work in another?)

We've cancelled the cleaners for the next several months (until summer madness kicks back in), so cleaning is firmly back on my radar. This would normally be a huge problem, except that, inexplicably, I'm totally in the "We have too much stuff" mindset.

This mindset? Almost NEVER happens. Those close to me can speak of my cluttery, pack-rat tendencies. Hell, just stop by my office someday and see it for yourself firsthand!  I keep all kinds of things, in the event that I might need them/be able to do something cool with them one day. But today? I'm finding the urge to purge. To lighten up. To have fewer things.

Now, I acknowledge that this might be my sneaky mind clearing out old things to make way for new things. But that's not the way the holidays so much work for us anymore, and most of the things I'm tossing are many different senses of the word. Skirts that are too sort? Goodwill. Magazines? To their next owner. Old nail polishes are tossed. Expired prescriptions are set aside for disposal. I'm taking pictures of my bookshelves: if you Kindle-y folks want a real book with a cover and binding and everything for Christmas, email me and I'll send you one from the stash!

But really, I think it's my mind making room for some new things. My dreams have been vivid, beautiful and challenging lately, and while 2011 has been a pretty amazing year, there's a large part of me who is ready to bid it adieu and look forward. I'm hoping that, rather than collecting things as I have been for the last several years, that I'll be collecting experiences and good friends over the next year.

Good people. Great times. Two reasons to happily make some room.

My five:

  1. Challenges.
  2. Cheesy music.
  3. Comfort.
  4. Clean laundry. (...wonder if it's folded yet...)
  5. Hope.


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