this is not going to turn into a running blog, i promise

...but i'm feeling the need to crow a little bit. 7 miles this morning, after running 3.5 last night. So, in 18 hours, 10.5 miles.


The coolest thing about this morning? Was that I felt really good up until the end. I've been giving myself walking breaks every mile/10 minutes, and it really helps me feel less punished. By mile 6, though, I was wishing I had brought some water/gatorade with me...I just needed a little bit of something to keep going.

Since I didn't have that little bit of something? I headed home. And this tune came on, which somehow made the last few blocks totally doable.

Two weird things:

  1. I started to talk to my muscles, and they started replying...kinda in the voice I use when I'm narrating for Boo. It was a little weird.
  2. When I got home, my lower body felt like it could just keep going and going and going, like I was a robot from the hips down. Crazytown. (Of course, I will likely not be able to walk tomorrow. Which will be three shades of awesome. Cue the whining...)
In short, running has been proven to cause hallucinations and a flat affect from the waist down. If you've ever needed an excuse to not start, here you go!

In other 'news':
  • I upgraded my computer's operating system, and now it does all kinds of weird things, and the scroll functions are opposite. I'm having adjustment issues.
  • My music is in the Cloud...whatever that means. I'm a little nervous.
  • I have 6 overripe bananas. There is banana bread in EVERYONE's future. You're welcome.
  • Heading to NYC for a very quick trip (to see a performance in the afternoon). Train up in the morning, train back in the evening. Lots of reading and computer-ing and such in between. Should be a good day. That being said, if you've been trying to get ahold of me? Tomorrow is a FANTASTIC day to do so!
  • I am not in the holiday spirit. I do not want to shop. I do not want to make pierogies. I want to hear stories and laugh and wear bright lipstick. Someone please un-Ebenezer me.  
My five:
  1. Sunshine. Boy, with the days so short it's in limited supply.
  2. Spellcheck. How did I ever live without it?
  3. Dinner plans. I love not having to wash dishes...
  4. Heart rate monitor. Because now I know that I burnt off X amount of calories, I can ingest them in their most chocolaty, decadent form, right? That's the whole reason FOR running, I thought...
  5. Naps. And if you'll excuse me... :)


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