A good day.

My day started off with delivery men. Arriving EARLY.

(What are the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Time to start living large, my friends.)

I took a class at the gym that kicked my ass and reinforced the thought that I probably should have someone look at my left foot, as it pretty much hurts all the time. But I have this 13.1 miles to run in March? And I'm totally in denial that something's going to derail me. Ima gonna do it, even if my foot is totes busted at the end and I have to wear a boot.

Then? To the mall. I am too constitutionally weak to brave the Tysons mall parking lot on a Saturday afternoon...I hate circling the parking lot, feeling like a vulture. Plus, I had finally, guiltily, after 15 minutes of circling, successfully vultured two dudes in an SUV, when an Indian woman (and her mortified, but lovely, high school daughter) made a plea that she had been vulturing the same two dudes and that the parking spot was hers, and would I please let her have it?

She said please. And then I said "Wow. I guess. But I hope that next time you'll give someone else the space."

And then I harrumphed myself into another lot. And scored a space! And got the last set of California King sheets for our new, sent-from-heaven Tempurpedic bed!

Karma? Thanks for the reminder. I needed that. Next time, less harrumphing on my part, I promise.

Then home to bask on the porch in the sunshine. Because seriously? This weather is AMAZEBALLS. When it's not cold and raining and muddily disgusting, that is. Like a pendulum swinging back and forth this month has been. Time with the pets. A walkthrough the new construction across the street with my Savage neighbor, and tales of a bank robbery (and a found demand note!) at the end of the street. Seems that they were twenty-somethings, unarmed, and already caught. But a little excitement in the neighborhood is OK. I got some prep done for a master class I'm giving at American University tomorrow, and then picked up Pad thai and a nice bottle of wine.

In a few short hours, I will be finishing 1Q84 while luxuriating in my new, roomy, luxurious bed.


My five:

  1. The thought of sleeping through the night without an elbow in my schnozz or a paw in my kidneys.
  2. Midwinter skies - they're beautifully dramatic.
  3. Silly text messages.
  4. A professional stretch.
  5. Musical plans - made, broken, and carried through. 


inspiration and old age

I saw Ryan Adams last night.

Strathmore. (Ashamedly, my first time. It's beautiful...like being inside a cello. But I have to ask, could you not spend the buck-two-ninety-eight for purple gels for those exit signs onstage? Obnoxious.)

Two hours of amazingly intimate Americana from our generation's enfant terrible, interspersed with self-disparaging comedy. (whispered to the sound guy at the top of the show "are you sure this is my guitar? it sounds too good to be my guitar. let's take it out back after the show and run over it.") He dipped heavily into his first album (which I have committed to memory) and hit most of my "pleasepleasepleaseplayit" list; I sat in that funny state where I wanted to laugh or cry or kiss someone or scream or dance at the sound of the opening chords of a beloved tune. (This one. And this. Oh, and this, too)

I had purchased the new album, and after listening to it on my little road trip I still couldn't really get behind it...but after hearing the songs live, being in the same room with him (and in excellent seats, thanks to SingleGirl), they make more sense.

They are heartbreaking everyman vignettes; loving, deeply flawed, sometimes painfully awkward, trying to make good honest choices.

I totally get it. Moreso now than at maybe any point in my life. Consequences. Risk. Things to cherish. Things to lose.

Deep stuff. Deeper than an adorable Peter Pan in a Dio t-shirt should be able to pull off. But the contradiction is indeed part of his charm.

On a lighter note, the whole consequences thing? Going to bed after midnight and then getting up to work a full day? Well, I'd be lying if I said it was easy, for sure. But today was strangely productive...probably because I was too sleepy to do anything but act - no weighing, waiting, hemming or hawing.

My five:

  1. Inspiration.
  2. Honesty.
  3. Fortune. Good luck, rather than $.
  4. The luxury of heavy eyelids and deep sleep.
  5. Homecomings.


Oh, chickadees, it's been a week. And it's only Monday night.

This weekend was a blur, but it was an awesome blur. A beautiful spot, a group of generous, fun, silly pals, a great celebration for a great man, and more food/booze than even a group of our proclivities could consume. (Seems that we're not, in fact, young enough to eat/drink everything in the world and still function the next day. Who knew?? Getting old is indeed a bit of a beeyatch.)

The view from the back porch, Friday afternoon:

That big expanse? Frozen lake. There were ice fishers out there on Saturday...brrr!

Boo, enjoying a romp in the snow.

Saturday freeze - ice-covered pines

The biggest pizza I've ever seen - note the bottle for scale.

The viking hat made the rounds this weekend.

Today was a day back in the office, and my biggest accomplishment was in finally sending feedback from the fall audition tour. Tonight is early-to-bed, with a new wake-up playlist to start my day in a more productive, less-rushed fashion. And tomorrow night? This man at the Strathmore. Yesssssssss.

And, to boot? I actually recorded some cover tunes. Finally. And they sound only slightly horrible. Baby steps, right?

My five:
  1. Celebrations.
  2. Recuperations.
  3. Hot tubs in winter.
  4. Wool socks.
  5. Inspiration.


new pathways

One my my personal challenges this year is to get some big-time creativity back into my life. I've been talking with this lovely lady about it, and have finally started reading this (and, despite my marked resistance to it, it's rocking my world. Seriously.) I spent an hour today playing with Garage Band, and, when I get a little more confident I'll post something here so that you all can suffer along with me. :)

But the thing about waking up that right brain? All organization, right out the window. Timelines, to-do lists, all totally shot. I keep walking around my house, wondering what the hell I'm supposed to be doing. I've recorded a song but didn't keep my running date. I started laundry, started tearing the bedroom apart (for a new bed delivery! yaaaaaay!), started making soup, started cleaning the house...but haven't finished anything before leaping into something new. So the house is totally trashed, and I'm a little restless. And I'm stuck at home, waiting for delivery guys to arrive.

I'm going to try to make some order of this place, rather than just spinning around for the next two hours. (Or playing on garage band...get the chores done, and THEN playtime, right?)

My five:

  1. Challenging, positive conversations.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Daydreaming (... like it's my JOB. )
  4. Avocados. Yum...
  5. Making things. Here's to creating!



Saturday morning. Chilly, sunny...all those things that a January morning is supposed to be.

After a good but intense workweek, taking an hour to run with a pal and catch up? Is really a fantastic way to start the weekend. Especially when the run starts a little later because it's too chilly for either one of you to contemplate voluntarily spending time in the cold AND dark. Granted, I totally bonked because I forgot to eat breakfast (when do I EVER forget to eat? WHO AM I?), but we still cranked out 7 miles. Rawr.

There are a million things that I want to do today:

  • clean house (literally - this place is a sty.)
  • organize my closet, so that I actually wear more than 20% of my wardrobe.
  • play with Garage Band a little more (SO FUN).
  • noodle around on CodeAcademy. (what's that saying about old dogs and new tricks? Because I am learning how to code. WOOF.)
  • finish 1Q84. Halfway through and totally mesmerized.
  • start The Artist's Way. I know, I know... I'm so frickin late to this party. But I've been trying to journal/do 'morning pages' every day, and I should probably figure out the why and whatfor...
  • make something tasty. any of these will do.
  • mani-pedi. just to have someone rub my feet would be 100% awesome.
  • continue planning for hubby's party next weekend...it's gonna be SO fun. 
But anything that doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow or Monday...it's a low-key, no-pressure kind of day...and for that, I am quite grateful.

My five:
  1. Running. (And, actually, it's still closer to 'shuffling', but it's all I've got.) Had you told me even six months ago that I'd look forward to running? I would've snorted, and made some comment about 'only running when being chased by something terrifying.' It's an interesting change, and i'm enjoying it.
  2. Reading. It's not just for the 15 minutes before I fall asleep anymore.
  3. Stream-of-consciousness writing. ("But Rahree," you ask, "how is that any different than this drivel you type here?" Well, the other stuff is in cursive...
  4. Peppermint soap. Tingly!
  5. Smartwool socks. Wool usually makes me itchy and grumpy, but these are THE BOMB. (And the bonus? Cute stripes! Have a party in your shoes!)


i am one hundred and eighty years old

ok, maybe not actually. but boy, do I feel pretty ancient.

you see, this little race I've been training for? it demands long runs on the weekends...firstly to make sure that i'm on track, and to also quiet that little voice in my head that says "you're never gonna make it, chubby."

[i hate that voice.]

anyhow, this morning was a big run morning...preceded by an evening of sub-par sleep.

the good news? Nine miles. YEAH.
the bad news? everything hurts. knees, ankles, hips, back. all of it. ow.

I'm glad to only have a few more weeks of training, and to have my pal Melissa back to run with in a week or so. and I'm glad that anything less than 6 miles feels reeeeally easy now!

but i have to say that i'm taking tomorrow off. complementary footrubs welcome.


new post, new year!

Happy January, lovelies!

As I'm watching several tv programs and commercials that feature someone ill-advisedly (and angstily...never a good time to make big decisions!) hanging out on a very tall building ledge (go USAnetwork), it strikes me that maybe this is a plunge year. A go-ahead, say it/do it kind of year, a year that throws caution to the wind and acts. Says exactly what it's thinking! Decides to sign up for a marathon AND eat nothing but popcorn and candy as training! Dyes its hair blue!

OK, so 2012 might be a hot mess, but I still think she's gonna be my kind of year.

I've made lists of things that I want to do. Other lists of things I do NOT want to do. Words that I love, projects that are interesting, daydreams that I'm intent on exploring.

(Obviously, I'm also kicking grammatical structure to the curb. Verbs are for DOING, not writing about!)

I have linkages for you, my lovelies...because it's been too long.
  • This story paints adolescence in a way that rings so true for me. I love it.
  • Did I mention that it was 19 degrees out when I walked the dog this morning? This I where I'll be sending my brain for tomorrow's walk.
  • Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before.
  • Not that I need help. (HAH!)But if I did? Well, there are helpful things here.
  • Maudlin. That emotion that takes over when resolution fatigue sets in.
  • I would like to be fancy, too. 
  • A wise, creative soul makes me feel better about making resolutions.
  • So, I might not do this with $20s (I work in the arts. 'Nuff said.), but I'd like to do it.
  • A good list. And honestly? I respect vol. 2's hat...any hat that can go toe-to-toe with my viking chapeau deserves respect.
  • I really want to see this. This too. Both epic, in their own ways.
  • WHAAAAA??? Who's going with me????
  • One of the pianists that I pushed for, and yet couldn't see the performance. I love this guy, for all the wrong reasons.
  • A poem.
  • Another. Offered by a former student whose writing and thinking leaves me breathless. Had I not known her when I did? Well, I'd be horribly intimidated. But because of our history, I just feel more proud.
  • As far as New Years? Well, I'm all about the morning, way less about the evening before. #5 catches the way I want to feel most year.
Happy 2012. Hoping that this year brings us all good music, ridiculous food, the building up of friendships and the ripping away of detriments, and WAY more laughter than tears.