Saturday morning. Chilly, sunny...all those things that a January morning is supposed to be.

After a good but intense workweek, taking an hour to run with a pal and catch up? Is really a fantastic way to start the weekend. Especially when the run starts a little later because it's too chilly for either one of you to contemplate voluntarily spending time in the cold AND dark. Granted, I totally bonked because I forgot to eat breakfast (when do I EVER forget to eat? WHO AM I?), but we still cranked out 7 miles. Rawr.

There are a million things that I want to do today:

  • clean house (literally - this place is a sty.)
  • organize my closet, so that I actually wear more than 20% of my wardrobe.
  • play with Garage Band a little more (SO FUN).
  • noodle around on CodeAcademy. (what's that saying about old dogs and new tricks? Because I am learning how to code. WOOF.)
  • finish 1Q84. Halfway through and totally mesmerized.
  • start The Artist's Way. I know, I know... I'm so frickin late to this party. But I've been trying to journal/do 'morning pages' every day, and I should probably figure out the why and whatfor...
  • make something tasty. any of these will do.
  • mani-pedi. just to have someone rub my feet would be 100% awesome.
  • continue planning for hubby's party next weekend...it's gonna be SO fun. 
But anything that doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow or Monday...it's a low-key, no-pressure kind of day...and for that, I am quite grateful.

My five:
  1. Running. (And, actually, it's still closer to 'shuffling', but it's all I've got.) Had you told me even six months ago that I'd look forward to running? I would've snorted, and made some comment about 'only running when being chased by something terrifying.' It's an interesting change, and i'm enjoying it.
  2. Reading. It's not just for the 15 minutes before I fall asleep anymore.
  3. Stream-of-consciousness writing. ("But Rahree," you ask, "how is that any different than this drivel you type here?" Well, the other stuff is in cursive...
  4. Peppermint soap. Tingly!
  5. Smartwool socks. Wool usually makes me itchy and grumpy, but these are THE BOMB. (And the bonus? Cute stripes! Have a party in your shoes!)


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