A good day.

My day started off with delivery men. Arriving EARLY.

(What are the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Time to start living large, my friends.)

I took a class at the gym that kicked my ass and reinforced the thought that I probably should have someone look at my left foot, as it pretty much hurts all the time. But I have this 13.1 miles to run in March? And I'm totally in denial that something's going to derail me. Ima gonna do it, even if my foot is totes busted at the end and I have to wear a boot.

Then? To the mall. I am too constitutionally weak to brave the Tysons mall parking lot on a Saturday afternoon...I hate circling the parking lot, feeling like a vulture. Plus, I had finally, guiltily, after 15 minutes of circling, successfully vultured two dudes in an SUV, when an Indian woman (and her mortified, but lovely, high school daughter) made a plea that she had been vulturing the same two dudes and that the parking spot was hers, and would I please let her have it?

She said please. And then I said "Wow. I guess. But I hope that next time you'll give someone else the space."

And then I harrumphed myself into another lot. And scored a space! And got the last set of California King sheets for our new, sent-from-heaven Tempurpedic bed!

Karma? Thanks for the reminder. I needed that. Next time, less harrumphing on my part, I promise.

Then home to bask on the porch in the sunshine. Because seriously? This weather is AMAZEBALLS. When it's not cold and raining and muddily disgusting, that is. Like a pendulum swinging back and forth this month has been. Time with the pets. A walkthrough the new construction across the street with my Savage neighbor, and tales of a bank robbery (and a found demand note!) at the end of the street. Seems that they were twenty-somethings, unarmed, and already caught. But a little excitement in the neighborhood is OK. I got some prep done for a master class I'm giving at American University tomorrow, and then picked up Pad thai and a nice bottle of wine.

In a few short hours, I will be finishing 1Q84 while luxuriating in my new, roomy, luxurious bed.


My five:

  1. The thought of sleeping through the night without an elbow in my schnozz or a paw in my kidneys.
  2. Midwinter skies - they're beautifully dramatic.
  3. Silly text messages.
  4. A professional stretch.
  5. Musical plans - made, broken, and carried through. 


Nell said…
Careful with that foot. I was training for a half two years ago and nearly destroyed my left knee b/c I was hell bent on finishing the race. Just remember, it's awesome to do a half marathon, but it's even more awesome to run 3 miles when you are 50.

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