i am one hundred and eighty years old

ok, maybe not actually. but boy, do I feel pretty ancient.

you see, this little race I've been training for? it demands long runs on the weekends...firstly to make sure that i'm on track, and to also quiet that little voice in my head that says "you're never gonna make it, chubby."

[i hate that voice.]

anyhow, this morning was a big run morning...preceded by an evening of sub-par sleep.

the good news? Nine miles. YEAH.
the bad news? everything hurts. knees, ankles, hips, back. all of it. ow.

I'm glad to only have a few more weeks of training, and to have my pal Melissa back to run with in a week or so. and I'm glad that anything less than 6 miles feels reeeeally easy now!

but i have to say that i'm taking tomorrow off. complementary footrubs welcome.


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