new post, new year!

Happy January, lovelies!

As I'm watching several tv programs and commercials that feature someone ill-advisedly (and angstily...never a good time to make big decisions!) hanging out on a very tall building ledge (go USAnetwork), it strikes me that maybe this is a plunge year. A go-ahead, say it/do it kind of year, a year that throws caution to the wind and acts. Says exactly what it's thinking! Decides to sign up for a marathon AND eat nothing but popcorn and candy as training! Dyes its hair blue!

OK, so 2012 might be a hot mess, but I still think she's gonna be my kind of year.

I've made lists of things that I want to do. Other lists of things I do NOT want to do. Words that I love, projects that are interesting, daydreams that I'm intent on exploring.

(Obviously, I'm also kicking grammatical structure to the curb. Verbs are for DOING, not writing about!)

I have linkages for you, my lovelies...because it's been too long.
  • This story paints adolescence in a way that rings so true for me. I love it.
  • Did I mention that it was 19 degrees out when I walked the dog this morning? This I where I'll be sending my brain for tomorrow's walk.
  • Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before.
  • Not that I need help. (HAH!)But if I did? Well, there are helpful things here.
  • Maudlin. That emotion that takes over when resolution fatigue sets in.
  • I would like to be fancy, too. 
  • A wise, creative soul makes me feel better about making resolutions.
  • So, I might not do this with $20s (I work in the arts. 'Nuff said.), but I'd like to do it.
  • A good list. And honestly? I respect vol. 2's hat...any hat that can go toe-to-toe with my viking chapeau deserves respect.
  • I really want to see this. This too. Both epic, in their own ways.
  • WHAAAAA??? Who's going with me????
  • One of the pianists that I pushed for, and yet couldn't see the performance. I love this guy, for all the wrong reasons.
  • A poem.
  • Another. Offered by a former student whose writing and thinking leaves me breathless. Had I not known her when I did? Well, I'd be horribly intimidated. But because of our history, I just feel more proud.
  • As far as New Years? Well, I'm all about the morning, way less about the evening before. #5 catches the way I want to feel most year.
Happy 2012. Hoping that this year brings us all good music, ridiculous food, the building up of friendships and the ripping away of detriments, and WAY more laughter than tears.


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