Oh, chickadees, it's been a week. And it's only Monday night.

This weekend was a blur, but it was an awesome blur. A beautiful spot, a group of generous, fun, silly pals, a great celebration for a great man, and more food/booze than even a group of our proclivities could consume. (Seems that we're not, in fact, young enough to eat/drink everything in the world and still function the next day. Who knew?? Getting old is indeed a bit of a beeyatch.)

The view from the back porch, Friday afternoon:

That big expanse? Frozen lake. There were ice fishers out there on Saturday...brrr!

Boo, enjoying a romp in the snow.

Saturday freeze - ice-covered pines

The biggest pizza I've ever seen - note the bottle for scale.

The viking hat made the rounds this weekend.

Today was a day back in the office, and my biggest accomplishment was in finally sending feedback from the fall audition tour. Tonight is early-to-bed, with a new wake-up playlist to start my day in a more productive, less-rushed fashion. And tomorrow night? This man at the Strathmore. Yesssssssss.

And, to boot? I actually recorded some cover tunes. Finally. And they sound only slightly horrible. Baby steps, right?

My five:
  1. Celebrations.
  2. Recuperations.
  3. Hot tubs in winter.
  4. Wool socks.
  5. Inspiration.


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