February, the Scott Farkas of months.

My struggles with February are well-chronicled. I don't really need to say any more than I still miss my dad, and I'm still more than a little wrecked/angry that he's gone. But it's mostly manageable. Except for a small window in February, I'm usually pretty even-keeled. (relatively speaking, obvs.)

This year? That bully February has already kicked my poor heinie, and it's not even over. Here's the list:

  • Tendonitis. Left ankle. Half marathon training significantly delayed, if not abandoned.
  • My sweet colleague RT leaving home for the desert. (Seriously, who picks the desert over great sushi and the DC swamp-burbs! Hmmm...point taken.)
  • A first-ever season launch. Lucy and Ethel pull it off! (not sure how, but we did.)
  • Interviews for RT's job. Le sigh.
  • Rehearsals for this concert, which turned out fantastically(!), even though there were a million moving pieces.
  • A mid-rehearsal-period bout of something? Flu? Nerves? Hormones? Not sure, but that mother laid me out flat on my back for 24 hours. I woke up at 3am on Thursday, slept from 5:30am-noon, 1:30pm- 4pm, and called it a day at 8:30pm. The last time I had a day like that was sushi-induced food poisoning in my twenties...
  • Yesterday? A 14-hour day, beginning with messing up the microphone system and walking into the presentation room with the CEO and Senior VP setting up chairs. *mortified* With only ginger ale, a smoothie, and an ill-advised bag of cheese curls (i cannot resist their siren call) in my stomach, it was not my finest showing.
With all of this ancillary drama, my personal to-do list has been sadly and completely neglected. 
  • Eat well? If we're talking quantity over quality, then SURE!
  • Exercise? Ow, my ankle...
  • Writing? Only my morning pages, and they were shortish. Neither long project was really touched.
  • Contact with pals? A little bit of quality time with some, but not enough.
  • Music? Listening, and singing in the car, sure. But c'est tout.
My house is in disarray, my body feels like crud, and I'm disappointed in my full-180-turn away from anything more actively creative than daydreaming.

BUT. I'm coming out of it. 

Today I'm putting my house in order. I'm going to read all of the magazines that have accrued over the last week. And I'm going to grocery shop. I will also be wearing my pyjama pants backwards and doing a snow dance, as well as planning the most kick-ass batch of chicken chili EVER KNOWN. (It will make you weep with joy, this chili. Or, rather, it will as soon as I figure it out and make it.)

And, to let you know that I've still been looking for awesome things? LINKS. I GIVE YOU LINKS.

  • I want a room like this. My hubby remains unconvinced. 
  • I grew up in yellow PA, which is why the correct term is "soda", thank you.
  • When my stomach starts to behave? I'm going to totally re-injure it with these. Come to momma.
  • This reminds me of the train to/from NYC in the autumn, the first time another train passes.
  • I would love to someday curate something along these lines.
  • Thinking a little bit about getting older. These two writings both resonated with me. 
  • This might be my next frivolous project. Let me get my favorite pen and some doodle paper.
  • I feel like Mimi and I could be friends. But I hope she doesn't bring the tweaker with her for our coffee date... 
  • In celebration of National Wine Day - let it rain!
And, as a your Happy Saturday gift, a short movie. It's 15 whole minutes long, but if you're sentimental about books, close your FB tab and spend the time watching this. (And, if you're a real softy, grab a tissue first.)


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