Memory Lane

So, I'm in Pittsburgh for a whirlwind 48 hours.

I left my cozy men at 6am, hit the road and even caught a few rays of sunshine in the Laurel Highlands on my drive.

I sang like a FOOL... to the radio, iTunes, even the jukebox in my head. Wouldn't be surprised if there was collectively only 30-minutes free of caterwauling in the whole trip.

Did some work in a  coffee shop in Lawrenceville, a neighborhood that was pretty marginal when I lived here, oh-almost-10-years-ago. It's ADORABLE now. Little shops, friendly people. I'm having to remember that I'm not in DC, and trying to drive politely is giving me a headache.

I met with a great chamber ensemble, members of which I've been fans of since my 'burgh days. They were lovely, made me a spot of tea, and gave me all kinds of presents to take home. Lovely.

I walked around the Carnegie Museum. Spent a lot of time in the very calm, quiet Halls of Architecture and Sculpture.

And now, finishing up a bowl of miso soup and lunch at Sushi Too in Shadyside? Where the hostess/owner is the same face I remember from college? Between nostalgia and gratitude, I'm getting a little misty.

Some places, no matter how long you're gone, are home. And this city? Is my home.


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