(I keep typing 'blooger', which makes me think 'booger', which is not at ALL what I'm intending to write about...)

ANYWAY, I knew it had been a long time since my last entry, but in the intervening weeks Blogger has changed formats, and I am feeling strangely disoriented by those changes... not that I'm blooging (v. To blog poorly) less, but I'm over here a few times a week, and to do it well takes a little more thinking somehow, than typing my feelings and daily routine... the normal pre-season drivel seems less compelling than it used to.

(But that's not stopping me from dishing some out right about now, is it? NOPE.)

So. Disoriented is a good way to describe the last several weeks. Working backwards from yesterday: my first 12+ hour workday of the season (which ended with some of the best piano playing that I may have ever heard. Elegant, thoughtful, but just enough raw passion to make it truly exciting.). An overfull work week with lots of good things advanced, a Skype lecture with a local university (!) and with a fantastic dress rehearsal loaded in? Awesome. And also, taxing. Especially when riding on the heels of a trip to Boston (opera! reconnecting with an old roomie!) and a less-than-glorious sinus infection.

(Huh. Maybe this is in fact an exercise in 'blooging' in both content and nasal iterations...)

Things are getting busy. People arrive soon. I have to-do lists on three different platforms. The weather moves between summer and fall.

Today has been a little unsettled, but lovely. Hubster let me sleep in this morning. I went to the gym, and there was a class that was a dance class like I had in college (but with easier steps and waaaaay less range of motion) which made me so very happy. Car is inspected. Dinner plans sadly cancelled, but the Hubs picked up mac and cheese (to which I added truffle salt...I think I may have heard angels sing...), and now we're watching movies and waiting for a break in the rain before walking the dog.

I apologize for the bitchfest. I apologize for the scattered posting... link-o-rama to come soon!


Abundance of Riches

It's been one of those get-it-all-done Saturdays that, while not everything gets done, feels good just in the doing. Got my roots prettified, and then spent the day getting messy: weeding, hauling years' worth of crap out of the basement for the dump, cleaning out the shed, power-washing the porch & furniture, patching the porch ceiling, oiling the teak, grocery shopping, making dinner...feeling a bit like a superhero cross between Bob Villa and Martha Stewart.

To celebrate? Porch time with hubby. A glass of wine and a butter cookie (shortbread is the BEST.) and Pandora on a folksy station. It will likely take me more than one attempt to get the dirt out from under my fingernails, but that in itself feels like an accomplishment.

Happy Saturday, my friends.


Mixed Blessings.

courtesy of Google, as this little blog had totally slipped my memory... (Mom, please excuse the poor grammar.)

I will file this under 2 different systems: firstly, under the moniker "Nothing you do on the internet ever really goes away."

And, with more gratitude and love, as "That visit with Dad was really awesome. How wonderful to have the internet jog my memory."

My five:

  1. Time-filled weekends.
  2. Saying 'yes'.
  3. Momentum.
  4. Memories.
  5. Inspiration.


Oh, chickadees, life is busy!

...and grand. Life is both quite busy, and full of exciting prospects. If any of said prospects materialize outside of the purely theoretical realm? Well, no doubt I'll be spilling my guts here. But
I'm feeling the need to keep these special ideas just a wee bit closer to the vest... for the time being, at least.

It's spring here is Northern Virginia...all adolescent in its dramatic atmospheric mood swings and propensity for bright colors. I spent yesterday redding up the house (a Pittsburgh term, for those of yinz who grew up elsewhere) and collecting donation bags for purple heart. Tomorrow will start with an adrenalin-fired tv interview where I hope to represent my company well and, at the very least not get fired, and will end with an uncomfortable but necessary medical procedure.

(Life really is all about the ups and downs, isn't it?)

Happy Palm Sunday to those who celebrate it... and Happy Sunday to those who don't. Let's try our best to be good to one another this week, shall we?