Abundance of Riches

It's been one of those get-it-all-done Saturdays that, while not everything gets done, feels good just in the doing. Got my roots prettified, and then spent the day getting messy: weeding, hauling years' worth of crap out of the basement for the dump, cleaning out the shed, power-washing the porch & furniture, patching the porch ceiling, oiling the teak, grocery shopping, making dinner...feeling a bit like a superhero cross between Bob Villa and Martha Stewart.

To celebrate? Porch time with hubby. A glass of wine and a butter cookie (shortbread is the BEST.) and Pandora on a folksy station. It will likely take me more than one attempt to get the dirt out from under my fingernails, but that in itself feels like an accomplishment.

Happy Saturday, my friends.


airstreamdiva said…
Best day ever. Lordy I love getting those sorts of jobs done. :)

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