Oh, chickadees, life is busy!

...and grand. Life is both quite busy, and full of exciting prospects. If any of said prospects materialize outside of the purely theoretical realm? Well, no doubt I'll be spilling my guts here. But
I'm feeling the need to keep these special ideas just a wee bit closer to the vest... for the time being, at least.

It's spring here is Northern Virginia...all adolescent in its dramatic atmospheric mood swings and propensity for bright colors. I spent yesterday redding up the house (a Pittsburgh term, for those of yinz who grew up elsewhere) and collecting donation bags for purple heart. Tomorrow will start with an adrenalin-fired tv interview where I hope to represent my company well and, at the very least not get fired, and will end with an uncomfortable but necessary medical procedure.

(Life really is all about the ups and downs, isn't it?)

Happy Palm Sunday to those who celebrate it... and Happy Sunday to those who don't. Let's try our best to be good to one another this week, shall we?


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