It's been one of those exciting, chock-full weeks. Opera. Chamber music. Art. Recording studios and gallery tours and conversations that try simultaneously to find common ground and push limits. I have been challenged, laughed, eaten more restaurant food than this body sees outside of the audition tour. I am reminded of how good these people -my compadres , nay, MY people - are.

I am one lucky sonofagun.

But, honestly? I'm tired. This was a good trial run for summer workweek, for sure. I am very glad, however, to have some time to decompress with a mindless movie (the A Team, if you must know), wearing my favorite pjs with sleeping boys (canine, feline, and human) all within arms' reach.

Wishing you some unstructured time this weekend-fritter it away with impunity!

It's been awesome.


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