Grumpy McMoperson

It's finally summer in suburban DC - the warmer temperatures, the pop-up thunderstorms, the bad hair...all here. And it's OK...aside from the bad hair, I'm ok with the warmth and humidity thus far, even though no one consulted with me beforehand.


(I'm in a bit of a mood.)

One of my favorite small businesses is closing today. The folks were super nice to Boo and me, and we really looked forward to popping in during a walk, making some small talk, with Boo happily making the rounds to get some lovin' (or a little bite of turkey or bacon.) They saw a cable news promo that I did and texted me - they were so excited to see someone they knew! (And, let's be honest...they probably were doubly excited to know that I clean up ok, as I usually see them when I'm baseball capped or snow-jacketed.) I didn't spend much money there, but was looking forward to shooting them some business this summer...but not anymore. I hope they're all OK, and I do hope that they stay in touch...even though the likelihood is small.

Sigh. I hate it when good people leave. I am WAY more comfortable doing the leaving than being left.

I've spent the day cleaning out my closet, moving winter clothes out, summer clothes in, and making 3 piles: toss out/give away/ TBD. It's that TBD pile, the I-don't-know-I-like-it-but-maybe-not-on-me? pile that I'm currently giving the cold shoulder...just don't want to have to make any hard decisions, even with clothes. I'm grumpy that some things never quite fit right, that others wore to tatters/shininess/pill-encrusted way sooner than I would've liked.

And even though I work in classical music? I'm sad about MCA. I know, it's ridiculous on some level...I didn't know him, wasn't watching someone I love struggle or simply slip away. But I love the Beasties, and a lot of their music opened up conversations with people that I couldn't talk to about anything else. They were a personal bridge of sorts.

It's going to rain. Hubby is sick and needy. The dog is itchy and needy. The cat is recovering from surgery and is needy. Our bedroom is still covered in clothes and bins and boots, because as in many areas in my life, I start strong but simply fizzle out... which will translate predictably into a SUPER grumpy me when I walk upstairs to go to bed and realize that I didn't finish the job, and now have to make room on the bed for the humans and pets.

I am endlessly irritated by that Gotye song that is ceaselessly playing on the radio, because the dude talks about how he just felt 'meh' for the girl, but then he's all up in arms because she actually walks away completely and doesn't want to talk to him again? Dude. Grow a pair and move on. You get to choose your actions - not how other people respond.

(I need to bite the bullet and get sirius or pandora or something. gah.)

The entitled lady bitching about her first-world problems is going to take a deep breath, take the dog for a long walk, ditch the computer for a book and a glass of wine...and maybe will write some letters on real paper instead of staring at the computer screen.

My five:

  1. Sweet neighbors. I'll miss those Deli folks, for sure.
  2. Making progress. Getting dressed tomorrow in my spiffi-fied closet will be a treat.
  3. Quiet. Listening to the birds, the compressor of the coke fridge, the dog panting, a plane overhead, somewhere above the cloud cover...beautiful.
  4. Flowers. Hanging baskets are blooming like gangbusters, the peonies are in's pretty out.
  5. Space. Things are starting to get busy at work (hence, likely, my irritation), so having an evening to be lazy and lame is lurvely.


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