Memorial Day

Oh, it's been a lovely lovely weekend. A quick trip to visit dear friends and their adorable ruffians (if I could steal that dreamy middle child to be my very own, I'd totally do it.), kitchen experiments - mostly successful, although the epic battle of Le Creuset vs Rhubarb won't soon be forgotten...or remedied, I fear.

It's been a good time to nest...the season starts in earnest for us tomorrow, and there have been some big things going on on the home front...a long weekend to revel in good company, sunshine, grilled meats and beverages heavy with condensation is just what the doctor ordered.

I'd be remiss to not say thank you to the men and women who unknowingly procured this lovely respite for us. My dad couldn't serve (back and eyes), though he wanted to. He had a picture of his uncle framed in his uniform on his dresser top. (the lost name is my own fault.) This uncle was handsome in his sepia photograph...a medic, killed by a sniper, even with the red cross on his armband.

My dad wished for the privilege of service...his daughter recognizes the incredible nobility and courage needed to serve...but is grateful to have her loved ones close by.

Spending the rest of the evening listening to nostalgic music, watching the sun make green disco balls out of the trees, and generally feeling unsettled but Ok...and open to possibility.

My five:
1. Low-humidity evenings.
2. Sunglasses.
3. Pandora. I'm a sucker for a good nostalgic 90's singer/songwriter mix.
4. Shaken ruts.
5. Idiotic optimism.


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