Quel. Whirlwind.

So, my little household has had some pretty significant shocks this week. Nothing that we can't recover from, and nothing that I want to outline here, but significant.

Add to that a raft of friends and colleagues going through parallel/way-more-serious issues? And you have a Rahree who is largely unbalanced...mostly in a good way, though: caring less about procedures than relationships, realizing that small talk is the best form of currency, and that sometimes the best thing you can do is wear something pretty that coordinates with a still upper lip.

(I feel sure that cupcakes will play a large role in our collective rehab, and I'm running (in the humidity! WHAAA?) to pro-actively compensate.

Sometimes big happenings cut through enough bull to make you realize the larger reasons: what's important, why that's so, and how to streamline in a thoughtful way.

This is Memorial Day weekend, and I'm planning on sleeping, running, writing and reading. (Simple, and blissfully so. Sounds perfect, right?) I am exceedingly grateful to those - especially those whose families I know and love - who have sacrificed so that I can do so. And, so that I don't fritter this gift of time away? I have 3 big projects outlined to tackle, and if I'm serious, thousands of words to rearrange.

I'm looking forward to the challenge. To the reading, the thinking, the writing. And to do so amid the quiet of a Facebook-less, work-absent weekend.

Because come Tuesday? The season begins and we are off to the races.


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