It's that time of year...

...when my job gets seriously in the way of any social life. And it's a damn shame, because we have a great group of people-who-also-just-happen-to-be-kickass-musicians with us. And I never get to spend as much (read: almost any) time getting to know them. It's a tragedy; we spend all of this time searching for talent, hearing auditions, learning about the singers, figuring out rep, bringing them here, working with them...but when push comes to shove I get so little agenda-less time to get to know them.

Le sigh. I am totally whining about not having enough of a social life. Read my eighth-grade diary, and you'd find it's same song/different day.

So really, this is a bit of a love letter to all of the folks with whom I've not carved out enough time to sit and visit.

(The love letter to the friends and family I'm neglecting for the next several weeks in service of my job? That's coming soon. Promise.)



So, we're in tech for a Don Giovanni...my first, truth be told. I've heard bits and pieces for years on the audition tour, even studied one or two arias myself in school. But this version? With the sleek stage and the a-little-too-realistic-fights and the shower scene and crazy projections? Not to mention a cast and team who are wholly collaborative and supportive and courageous?

(Oh, and did I mention that these folks can SING??)

Well, it's making me feel more like a proud teammate than a cougar... (and these days, well, that's a Christmas miracle.)

SO excited to open this puppy on Friday. A few miles to go between then and now, but it's shaping up to be one of the most exciting, visceral shows I'v worked on. You should seriously start hitting me up for tickets.

(and if you liked the tunes in that new Sherlock Holmes flick? Ours sounds better, AND has the kick-ass fight sequences. Really, RDJr should be knocking on our door...)

(and, to continue the parenthetical thoughts, how am I supposed to become a jaded opera administrator when I get so excited about a new production??)



I have never been one to let a birthday slide under the radar...even now, as those numbers get bigger and rounder. I love any excuse to celebrate! (And let's be honest, the fact that I haven't killed myself by some random act of stupidity is not to be minimized.) My birthday is on the summer solstice, the longest day (most hours of sunlight) in the year, so it's always made me feel a little bit special. When I started at my job and found out that KPW had the same birthday? Well, it seemed like a huge sign that I was in the right place. Over the last few years, I've met several folks with whom I share this special day...and it's no surprise that we share a real affinity towards each other. Maybe horoscopes are total bunk, but I think there's a little bit of similarity between the Birthday Twins, and I find it a great comfort.

I've also started a birthday list - all of the things I want to do this year. There's an item for each year I've been on the planet, and at this rate I'm going to have to really bust-a-move to get 'em all done! But that's not really the point, I suppose...the real point is to dream about the upcoming year, to think about what I want to accomplish, to take stock. (I do one of these each year, but I don't revisit from year to year...I get a clean slate with each birthday.)

I hope that today you get some quiet time, some raucous laughter, some time to daydream, and a big slab o'cake. Because if it's not your birthday? It's your UN-birthday! Still occasion to celebrate!


My braim herts

I spent the last several days in Philly at the Opera America conference. I was part of a Leadership Intensive, and was determined to squeeze every drop out of the experience.

Was I successful? On some levels, for sure. My head is reeling with the sheer amount of information and faces that I'm struggling to process and retain. I laughed, danced, ate & drank, and reconnected with some of my facorite folks in the business. But dealing with our own season and my ill-advised propensity to burn the candle at both ends, with a healthy dose of introversion added in, and you have one very tired girl, whose head is still spinning.

My last day off was June 7. My next will be June 22. The challenge will be to pace myself enough to both get everything done at work, process the great stuff I was exposed to at the conference, and take care of myself enough to be happy & useful.

Wow. Not a terribly upbeat entry, eh? Pollyanna's not gone, I promise...she just needs a nap and a massage.

(For the record, KPW and I will be celebrating our 94th birthday on Thursday...and I don't feel even close to that, even with the fatigue!)

Back to my chirpy self soon-promise!