It's that time of year...

...when my job gets seriously in the way of any social life. And it's a damn shame, because we have a great group of people-who-also-just-happen-to-be-kickass-musicians with us. And I never get to spend as much (read: almost any) time getting to know them. It's a tragedy; we spend all of this time searching for talent, hearing auditions, learning about the singers, figuring out rep, bringing them here, working with them...but when push comes to shove I get so little agenda-less time to get to know them.

Le sigh. I am totally whining about not having enough of a social life. Read my eighth-grade diary, and you'd find it's same song/different day.

So really, this is a bit of a love letter to all of the folks with whom I've not carved out enough time to sit and visit.

(The love letter to the friends and family I'm neglecting for the next several weeks in service of my job? That's coming soon. Promise.)


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