My braim herts

I spent the last several days in Philly at the Opera America conference. I was part of a Leadership Intensive, and was determined to squeeze every drop out of the experience.

Was I successful? On some levels, for sure. My head is reeling with the sheer amount of information and faces that I'm struggling to process and retain. I laughed, danced, ate & drank, and reconnected with some of my facorite folks in the business. But dealing with our own season and my ill-advised propensity to burn the candle at both ends, with a healthy dose of introversion added in, and you have one very tired girl, whose head is still spinning.

My last day off was June 7. My next will be June 22. The challenge will be to pace myself enough to both get everything done at work, process the great stuff I was exposed to at the conference, and take care of myself enough to be happy & useful.

Wow. Not a terribly upbeat entry, eh? Pollyanna's not gone, I promise...she just needs a nap and a massage.

(For the record, KPW and I will be celebrating our 94th birthday on Thursday...and I don't feel even close to that, even with the fatigue!)

Back to my chirpy self soon-promise!


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