So, we're in tech for a Don Giovanni...my first, truth be told. I've heard bits and pieces for years on the audition tour, even studied one or two arias myself in school. But this version? With the sleek stage and the a-little-too-realistic-fights and the shower scene and crazy projections? Not to mention a cast and team who are wholly collaborative and supportive and courageous?

(Oh, and did I mention that these folks can SING??)

Well, it's making me feel more like a proud teammate than a cougar... (and these days, well, that's a Christmas miracle.)

SO excited to open this puppy on Friday. A few miles to go between then and now, but it's shaping up to be one of the most exciting, visceral shows I'v worked on. You should seriously start hitting me up for tickets.

(and if you liked the tunes in that new Sherlock Holmes flick? Ours sounds better, AND has the kick-ass fight sequences. Really, RDJr should be knocking on our door...)

(and, to continue the parenthetical thoughts, how am I supposed to become a jaded opera administrator when I get so excited about a new production??)


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