the distance is shorter than it appears

So, part of my job is choosing singers for our Studio Artist program and casting a scenes program. (I'm lucky to have a gentleman, GL, who is both smarter and more generous than I might ever be, whose gentle leadership I treasure. It's probably much more his program than mine, but he lets me think that I know what I'm doing... and makes me look good when I'm really uncertain. And no, I won't tell you his name because we're keeping him forever. So don't ask.)


We did 2 scenes performances in the Barns this weekend. And I cannot convey how very exciting they were. Our mainstage projects are exciting in a very different way, naturally... but the amount of growth I saw from the first sing-through to today was simply astounding. It reminds me of the reasons that I loved teaching. It's so nice to revisit the (totally unmerited) pride that I feel in each of these singers, the amazing path they've traveled since our auditions almost a year ago. I've always been more of a process person than a product person...and while these folks are still unfinished products, I am so very honored to be even a small part of the process.

Growth is awesome. And humbling to watch. And so very, very exciting.

Tutti bravi, y'all.


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