Oh, lovelies....it's been a week. Or two. (Really, closer to two.) But mostly due to my own folly and reluctance to MISS ANYTHING THAT MIGHT HAPPEN. It's that same gene that does not allow me to sleep when I'm in New York City, that forces me to put in earplugs and listen only to my own heart, that has resisted napping until my mid (read: late) 30s.

But after a big weather event, a busman's holiday, a quasi-festival weekend, and the boss getting on an airplane for the left coast? Well, this girl is tired. Not panicked, not stressed (which is a lovely compliment to all of the wonderful people with whom I work, and to a leader who is an excellent planner), not scrambling. Simply, plainly, tired.

(In full disclosure, my husband works these hours most weeks, if not for the extra day or two a week. So this is me whining...but hey, my tiny corner of the interweb, my whining.)


Tomorrow is my day off. My first since June. And I have no fewer than eleven things I'd like to do:
-finish writing an article
-edit another article
-walk the dog
-buy a new shower curtain
-get some really good coffee
-clean the house
-sleep in
-read the paper
-linger at a coffee shop
-have a glass of wine on the porch
-make a new playlist
-spend one of the gift certificates I've accrued.
-make something fantastic for dinner.
-take the dog to the vet.
-cut the cat's nails.
-did I mention laundry yet?

Yep. Yepyepyepyep. Unless you have a time machine I can borrow (I'll trade you a Banana Republic gift certificate for 3 hours! It's fair, right?), something's not going to get done. And to be honest, in the off season I have PLENTY of time to tackle all of those things. So, what to keep and what to kick to the curb?

-groceries --doubtful. i have a crock pot and the makings of chicken chili. We'll rough it for anything else.
-pedicure --homemade. But maybe tangerine? Anything non-blue/gray is out of the comfort zone...
-gym -- non-negotiable. The fat clothes are tight.
-finish writing an article -- also non-negotiable. My first deadline!
-edit another article --maybe...if I get into the groove.
-walk the dog --another non-negotiable
-buy a new shower curtain -- postponed.
-get some really good coffee -- Important.
-clean the house -- I'll tidy up my closet so that I can use those gift certificates on something non-redundant.
-sleep in. -- not likely.
-read the paper -- ipad NYT? over coffee. Yes.
-linger at a coffee shop -- forfeit for next day off.
-have a glass of wine on the porch --non-negotiable.
-make a new playlist -- could happen.
-spend one of the gift certificates I've accrued. --as a reward for gym/writing? YES. That's $.
-make something fantastic for dinner.-- 2 words...CHICKEN CHILI. as far as comfort food goes, I'll take it.
-take the dog to the vet. --if he's still itchy/scratchy? Yes.
-cut the cat's nails. --Highly unlikely. Would have more success as a blood donor (and now that raises another tempting thing...I could totally give blood tomorrow! Should I?)
-did I mention laundry yet? --No. But it's non-negotiable at this point. Get. It. Together.

Ouf. So many things to do...so little desire. I think I'll prepare for tomorrow by listening to the cicadas, watching the cars pass, walking the dog around the block, and hitting the hay early. Here's hoping that tomorrow is rejuvenating enough to let me fully engage in the rest of the week!


jess said…
We are cut from the same cloth! One day off and a to-do list eight miles wide. I hope you get a little bit of relaxation out of it. And boy, how I have missed the sound of the cicadas! (I'm on your coast now and enjoying every moment of it).
rahree said…
Right? And the honest truth is that, if I manage to walk the dog and finish the writing I'll consider the day a success.

Welcome back east! It's actually feeling pretty lovely and summery...not too hot/humid. I'll credit you for bringing this lovely July day our way. :) Enjoy those crazy singing bugaroos!

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