Friday, my new boyfriend.

It's Friday night. 10pm on the dot as I start this.

It's been a crazy, crazy day.

Started by oversleeping a bit. Heard the horrible news from Colorado before my body could process it. Coffee, dog walk - with a serious game of catch thrown in - and a morning run in my new sneakers. (Which, for the record? Even make this chubby lady feel fast!)

Work. Our company manager RxT solved a particularly nasty travel puzzle. We got a singer back from the weather gods (stranded in Cincinnati...I totally can't relate.) and I spent more time than I'd care to admit on our 2013 budget... a particular challenge in that we don't know who's coming, what shows we're doing or when we're doing them yet. Funny money, indeed.

By 6:45 my brain was fried. But there was one more stop. Inappropriate Aria Night. The boss lady and I have a bit of a tradition of covering pop tunes - we have a Leonard Cohen tune that we trot out on a semi-regular basis - but were both ready for a new tune. The basic requirements are:

  1. we both know it. 
  2. we can put it together in one, maybe two, run throughs. 
We wrote alternate lyrics to this tune. And sang it in front of a bunch of opera singers. (We're not proud, obvs.) And it was SUPER FUN. I don't know why I always forget that, even though this singers around me can kick my ass any day of the week and thirteen times on Sundays, I still like making a bit of noise with friends now and then.

Snuck out early to run errands/get a start on packing for a week of classes in NYC (freaking out a bit...I don't so much usually leave during the summer, and even though I'll be working while I'm gone, I still feel reeeeally guilty for going.) After the freak-out had subsided, the dog and I went for our evening constitutional, around the neighborhood, in a cool rain. 

It felt like September...calm, peaceful...a welcome change to the recent heat & humidity, for sure.

Tomorrow? Exercise. Healthy eating. Laundry and packing and errands. Maybe a new book to read on the train if I'm lucky. One certainty? YOGA PANTS ALL DAY LONG.

Hallelujah, amen.

(Hoping your Saturday is high on frivolity and laughter, and low on irritation and sadness.) 


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