I have a love-hate relationship with July. Love that we're usually in full-on Whack-a-Mole mode - we're efficient in a way that we're not the rest of the year. And there are interesting people everywhere, great music happening in rehearsal, connections being made - it really is an exciting time.

But on the hate side? The hot, humid weather that makes a mockery of my running plans and makes my head look like a cotton-candy machine run amok. The total dearth of free time. The tendency to choose wine and tv over exercise and veggies. The fact that I talk to my mom once every other week, rather than every-other-day.

It's a catch-22.

It's a temporary catch-22. In less than a month, the office will be quiet. I'll be mourning the loss of buzz, of music-making, of the occasional artist visit. I will be kicking myself for not getting out more, for whinging about the workload.

I will also be exercising regularly. Sleeping better. Having conscious conversations with my husband. Spending time with neighbors, pals, family. Maybe even making it to the beach or lake for some R&R. But the office will be too quiet, the impetus to DO will have evaporated.

So, no more whining. Digging in, knowing that I might not sleep sufficiently for a few more weeks, but that I'll make up for it. I'm ready, July. BRING IT!


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