coming storm

Today is the day of the sea change. Right now it's hot as blazes,the kind of day that happens in mid-summer (usually when we're producing something at the FC. *That* kind of hot and sticky.) But I'm sitting on the porch, watching the cat melt into a contented kitty puddle in the heat, toggling back and forth from a writing notebook to a weather application...watching a line of storms plow their way southwesterly. They're in Frederick, according to the map, and here outside DC the breeze has picked up and become lovely and cool, and the sky has glazed over grey grey grey.

I forget, with all the technology and obligations and electricity, that we're all still inextricably linked to the world, the weather. Regardless of how we insulate ourselves from the less comfortable aspects of it with air conditioning and cars with heated seats and the like, it still affects us, weighs us down sometimes, lifts us up at others...

How do we - I - forget this? It seems enormous - like forgetting about the elephant standing on your left foot.

I slept for almost 12 hours last night: tried to rouse myself at 5:30, but failed and hit the couch for several more hours. I'm fighting a headache and all manner of other tiny, pointless maladies.

Somehow, I think, as this new weather pushes in, it'll sweep out some of these aches and cobwebs and such...will leave me feeling renewed.

Here's hoping, right?

My (long overdue) five:
1. Morning naps.
2. Yoga pants.
3. Unstructured time.
4. Cool breezes on warm days.
5. Daydreaming


Stephanie said…
Yes to the weather elephant! Totally had one of these realizations the other day. It was abnormally lovely out and all of the sudden people were being friendly. SO bizarre for Russians! So easy to forget how intricately our lives our intertwined with something so basic!

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