Saturday, 7:36am

It's the last Saturday of September. I woke up with the very tip of my nose cold from the breeze through the open windows...from this point forward cold nose, cold fingers, cold toes. I'm actually OK with it - like any good Pollack I've been carbing up and skipping the gym to put on my winter insulation. (Ugh. It's been largely's goal is to move more, plain and simple.)

In less than a week the boss leaves for the west coast, and I'll follow her a few days after. Yep, it starts.

On today's docket? After working free of the heating pad (being a girl is awesome), I'll be walking the dog to Timbuktu and back, going to the Farmer's Market (and, later, improvising dinner), and maybe taking a drive to the nursery to pick up mums for the porch and bulbs for the beds. (I've been thinking about planting bulbs for years - put some into the townhouse beds the fall before we moved...let's try it again, shall we?) Other plans involve writing and maybe sitting at a piano for a while, and if I'm disciplined at all (I know, I know...) switching out summer tanks and skirts for winter sweaters and tights. The organizing will be brutal, but maybe I have enough brain cells on this grey-ish day to do one thing well and completely?

Maybe. I'll report back.

Getting back to listing five things that I'm grateful for. It doesn't so much fit on my other blog, but I've gotten back in touch with a group of girls from my childhood and have been getting back into a gratitude practice. So, for this autumnal Saturday....

1. Sleeping with the windows open.
2. Unstructured time.
3. Connecting with people who make me smile.
4. A new journal. All those crisp blank pages!
5. The space/room to create sometime new.

Happy Saturday, all!


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