Made it!

Well, we definitely had a relatively easy night of things, comparatively speaking. Lost power for just about a half-hour right around bedtime, and the winds were dying down by 1am. We didn't sleep much, but the big trees on our property (and our neighbors) are all still upright, the power and heat are both on, and the gym is open. (Dammit.)

Next challenge: packing. We have a flight scheduled for noon tomorrow to Cincinnati...anyone care to place a bet as to whether we'll make it? As a precaution, KPW made a rental car, best case scenario we'll fly, worst case? OPERA ROAD TRIP. (Which actually sounds pretty OK to me... Win win!) The more difficult part will be trying to pack for two very different climates; we start and end in cold places (Cinci and Chicago), but take a 5-day stop in balmy, 70+ degree Houston. Oh, and did I mention that I'm determined to not pay the extra baggage fees?


Time to get creative with the clothing options. But first? Time to get walking with the dog and to the gym to work off yesterday's wine and beef stew.

Hoping you're safe and warm.

My five:
1. A sturdy little house.
2. Power.
3. Those selfless folks who look out for our safety during big events like this.
4. A new travel adventure!
5. Lazy 'snow' days.


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