Yep, that's not really one of my words...but in a few days I'll be flying over several hundred miles of well-ordered farmland and cities en route to the west coast. So, to prepare for both this trip and the subsequent ones, I need to quite literally get my things in order. My typical method? Do all my laundry, and then pull everything out of the closet, drawers, storage bins and go through each piece to decide whether it's something to pack away, give away or keep. There's always this nebulous pile, of things that-i-want-to-keep-but-that-don't-look-right/fit-right/make-me-feel-good. And it's that pile that tends to hang around longer than it should - doesn't often make it back into the closet or drawers, but usually sits on top or a dresser or on hangers over the door, mocking my indecision.

So today I'm planning to set a timer (to somewhat quell the wishy-washy part of my head, and to also make sure that the task doesn't expand to fill the entire day), to spend several hours getting organized, and to be ruthless with the wishy-washy pile. Clear space, clear mind, right?

(Here's hoping!)

Also on the docket for today? Roasting veggies, a jog in the cool rain, and some writing. I should run errands, but I may just revel in being a homebody and leave the car in the driveway.

My five:
1. Quiet, slow mornings.
2. Old photographs.
3. Fleece-lined slippers.
4. Snuggly pets. (Who needs to turn the heat on when the cat wants to be a permanent lap blanket? Although he does seem to suck the momentum out of the air.)
5. Candlelight.


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