It's 6:23 in Seattle, and I've been awake for an hour already. (Time zone acclimation FAIL.)

Yesterday was lovely. Another heinously early wake-up, followed by a short jog down to Pike's Place. Back to the hotel, then a short walk to Whole Foods for provisions, then a walk to a breakfast meeting, a full day of auditions, a dinner meeting, and a production of Fidelio at Seattle Opera. I was asleep by 10:30 local time, but obviously had difficulty staying there...and I'm totally starting to feel the impact.

We've stayed in 3 different hotels in three different parts of town in the past few visits, and I am totally, 100% lost in this small city. I cannot get turned around during the jog, on the way to the audition site, all over the place. I'm choosing the wrong path 100% of the'd assume that I should just go against my natural inclination and choose the other direction, but somehow THAT's the wrong direction, too.

(Hoping that's not a metaphor for my life at large...gulp.)

Today we travel to San Francisco. Short flight, with some time this afternoon to kill (read: forced nap) before dinner plans with a pal from my undergraduate days and his wife. If I were home, I'd be grumpygrumpygrumpy about the lack of sleep, but I'm enjoying the feeling of being a little bit out of it, a little discombobulated... letting my ears do the heavy lifting for the time being.

My five:
1. Mom! It's her birthday today.
2. Large-scale changes of scenery.
3. Generous colleagues.
4. Comfortable shoes.
5. Brave singers. Nicely done, Seattle.


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