Finish Line

Ok, so the fall is always a rough time for me to stick to a plan. Work is intense, there's travel, yadayadayada. But this fall, I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. (Again. Last year I made it about halfway, 24,000 words.)

This year? I met the quota. 50,000 words.
(Hot. Damn.)

Fifty thousand words. Fiction. All while running around the country, listening to opera and seeing opera and researching and casting.

At the very least? I have learned, without a doubt, that I spend too much time vegging...and that I can actually do some cool things when I stay focused. After writing online for so long, the longer format was a real challenge, as was the dictum to not go back and reread, but to just continue to write. I've named the same character Greta, Deirdre, and Marla, just because I couldn't remember from day to day which name I had decided on the day prior.

But I've also found an interesting hobby. An artistic, creative outlet. A way to daydream on paper. And in this medium? It's ok that it's not perfect...heck, that it's likely not any good at all. But unlike performing, no one sees it while it's actually happening. It's like a fantastic secret! A superpower! It indulges my love of the process, of imagining, of the impossible.

I'll admit that I'm happy to walk away from the chaos of that story for a few days...but I'm also looking forward to re-reading it, seeing if there's anything worth salvaging, and reworking it extensively. (That, my friends? Is masochism, pure and simple.)

So, if I've surprised myself in this way, what other ways might I surprise myself? Next year is a big year for me - big round birthday and all of the baggage that sadly goes with it. I'm doing a lot of self-examining, and meeting this particular milestone makes me wonder what I actually might be able to do if I concentrated.

Heady stuff, and good mental fodder for a cold winter night.

Thankful for:

  1. Steaming cups of spiced tea.
  2. Knit caps. (My neighbors are less traumatized, now that the ferocious bedhead is under wraps.)
  3. Good books. Reading this one now, and in the market for suggestions!
  4. More holidays invitations than this introvert could possibly hope to attend. (granted, 60% of them revolve around our outgoing CEO, but I'll take what I can get.)
  5. Candlelight. 
And here's a song that's been making me smile. 


Stephanie said…
You are a ROCK STAR!!!! Seriously...I think this exceeds anything that could ever even by on my list of life goals. FIERCE!!!

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