Mes amis, je suis tres fatigué.
(I can't remember if that's actual French or my own pidgin hybrid. Anyhoo, it serves as an example of my current level of brain cells, at the least.)

We're leaving Houston this morning, and it's not a moment too soon. I mean that in the very best way: usually the town in which I light the candle at both ends is NYC. But this year H-ton is giving the Big Apple a run for its money. There are people whom I know and love all over this town -at both HGO and Rice, and living in the city or nearby. The number of alums of our program in this town is just amazing - it always feels like the best kind of Old Home Week when familiar faces start popping into the rehearsal room between auditionees.

We've seen 4 operas (2 fantastic casts in Boheme, the most adorable Italiana I've ever seen, and the first non-WT production of Volpone!)

(I can - and practically did - sing along during the entire rehearsal of Volpone. I have missed that piece!)

Tuesday - which was a 2-opera day (boheme student production in the AM, auditions in the afternoon, Volpone at Rice University in the evening) was also Election Day. Which, this year, would've been my dad's 70th birthday.

So, yeah. A big, amazing day on many levels.

I have to say that today I might not listen to a single operatic note. I've hit saturation, and the construction noise outside my window is sounding more entertaining than any music that I could summon.

I'm having breakfast with a pal this morning, and then we're hitting the road for Chicago. Back in Virginia for Monday and Tuesday.

Home stretch.

My five:
1. Reconnecting with friends. This tour makes it easy, but it's something I should do more of outside of this annual trip.
2. Shaking off the 'jaded administrator' cloak and finding myself truly delighted in the opera house. (more than once in a week seems absolutely decadent)
3. Flat shoes. My body kinda hates me.
4. Having a good short list for next summer. It's going to be exciting!
5. Laughter. In Houston, it abounds!


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