(Insert ominous jingle bells here.)

It's December!

(How the hell did THAT happen?)

I'm spending my work hours lamenting the fact that I'm so tired, and my evenings staying up later than I should. And I'm frittering that time away...I'm not buying Christmas gifts or making pierogis or writing or saving the world or anything useful.

(I'm kinda ok with it.)

But tonight? Tonight I got home (in the dark. I'm going to need to get over that...), and turned the music up LOUD. Made an awesome, almost-healthy dinner (there was bacon involved...and for that, I will not apologize.) and had a dance party in the living room with my pooch, who might have 4 left feet. (Or maybe he was just irritated that he didn't know how to dance...we'll have to do this more often!)

I had lunch this week with a pal who is equal parts supportive and challenging. And, during the lunch? I was called out on a few things... for not taking charge, for not being aggressive enough. The analogy was a buzzard going after a bunny (and not, ostensibly, to take it home and care for it until the end of its days). Going for the goal, rather than waiting for it to materialize...or not.

(It was good to be called out on being a chickenshit...not pleasant, but good.)

So, this evening? Quiche. (heavy on the spinach...and on the bacon.) Maybe a second glass of wine to keep me warm when walking Boo around the block...can't wait for these to restock! A little bit of writing, some music, and maybe - just maybe? A long soak in the tub before bed.

And also? LINK-O-RAMA. Here are some things that I found and loved.

  • I'd ask for this for Christmas, but I already bought myself one.
  • Tara is one creative lady. Here's a great post about freelancing and just doing it.
  • Zan is also awesome, and the juxtaposition of drawing, Todd Rundgren, and get-off-your-assitude here is fantastic.
  • I listened to Local Natives for years straight. Here's something new. And here are two (one two) in my permanent rotation.
  • More music: this time? An awesome Hall & Oates cover. I need a van.
  • Shall we double dutch? (You do remember how, don't you?)
  • This is pretty much how I spent my Thanksgiving, minus the deep-fried turkey, but with all-day pajamas. The whole plan is solid, but I can personally vouch for the gravy.
  • More music, but with a literary bent. (When the opera moves out the other genres rush into my head like water, evidently!)
  • I daydream that I'm the kind of person who would not only make these, but would make the HELL out of these. (For the record, I am not that person. I am the person who would buy all the gak, and then eat the marshmallows and chocolate chips by the handful while dancing around the living room with my labrador.)

It's almost the weekend, lovelies. Hope yours is wonderful.


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