Looking back, looking forward.

Well, the annual holiday visit, AKA The Running of the Polocks is done. It's always a big, crazy, inappropriate mess - this year's iteration had zombies, a niece and nephew who are almost as tall as I am (UNACCEPTABLE!), a new bride, homemade pierogi and golumpki, a bit too much wine, a water main break, and an ungodly amount of animal hair (thanks to Mom's menagerie). It was crazy and lovely and exhausting. It's a good thing that it only happens once a year, because my head (and arteries) could maybe not take much more.

Now that the trip home is done, I can focus on my favorite way to ring in the New Year - by a huge, house-wide purge: streamline, simplify, get rid of all the ancillary crap I tend to accumulate. I started today with the kitchen - reorganized the shelves (anyone care to bet on whether I can find anything in the coming weeks?), tossed out all of the expired stuff, moved things I don't use often to storage, and made a big ol' goodwill pile. (Anyone want an architectural bundt cake pan?) I'm thinking that I'll tackle the wardrobe and the bathroom tomorrow, the den on Saturday. And if I'm brave? The basement on Sunday.

(For the record, my garbage cans are already full.)

The other things I'm hoping to do over the next few days are creative: writing, singing a little, reading through the pages I wrote for NaNoWriMo. (Yep. Still too chicken to dive back in.)

I'm a little superstitious, and I can't shake the belief that the way in which I spend January 1 will augur the way the rest of the year will unfold. So I'll spend some time planning a few things that I want to make sure happen, and then trying to stay open to see what actually might happen. I'm planning to reread Annie Lamott's Help. Thanks. Wow... to take a long walk with Boo...to hit the gym or run... to write... but there's still plenty of time to watch the day unfold, to see what the day - and year - might bring.

Call me Pollyanna, but I'm super, unreasonably excited.


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