one of those days.

So, Tuesday.

Work up at 4:45am. With the rest of the house. Decided to get moving early. Coffee, dog-walk, gym! (When was the last time I made it to the gym before 9am? Summer, that's when.)

A decent interval on the elliptical with the new Vanity Fair and new tunes. YES.

Locker room. Who forgets clean undies and socks? That'd be me. Sigh. Pit stop at home before hitting the office. The cold air makes me realize that I have a hole in an unflattering place in my jeans. Hoping that the shirt covers the goods, because there's no time to go back home - again - to change.

A weird day of contracts and furniture-moving and slightly contentious debates and loose band rehearsals and phone calls and general distractedness.

Dinner plans thwarted in several ways: lack of ingredients for the planned meal; wrong timetable for options #2 and 3 (raw and burned, respectively.); and something that was simply make-do as a result.

Chilly night. Dog walk. Laundry and litter pans. No sign of the extra Christmas cards that I SWEAR I bought last year.

I'm thinking that, maybe, waking up before 6am should not be in the cards for tomorrow. Here's hoping for more brain cells with a little more sleep.


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