Too sparkly.

(Does such a thing exist??)

Friends, I think we all need some sparkle this holiday season. I for one am not feeling too sparkly these days...I'm feeling uninspired, behind the eight ball, pudgtastic, and a little surly. I'm horrified by people's actions (the news is not something I can watch anymore - who can stand to have their hearts broken first thing in the morning, every morning?). I'm torn apart by sad news from friends and family.

I'm feeling a little sensitive, is I guess what I'm saying.

I really have very little to bitch about - my little bubble is intact, and is largely more positive than negative. But even that is making me feel guilty. (oh, Catholic school...your effects really are long-lasting.)

I'm feeling a little like the sky in the DC area...highly changeable, alternating between the celestial versions of a drama queen and an epic bruise.

So to combat all of this blergh-ness, I'm going to put on my favorite Christmas tunes (Mambo, Santa! MAMBO!), make a cocktail, and stick tiny pins and beads and sequins into tiny foam orbs.

Time to rally like a beeyatch.

My five:
1. The lovely shopgirl who was super-cheery this morning. (There was only one. ONE. The rest I tried to out-surly.)
2. Moody December skies.
3. The gym. Sometimes you just gotta lift heavy things. (and by 'you?' I mean 'me.')
4. The prospect of a hot bath this evening. Hallelujah.
5. A clean house.

p.s. the cat either isn't into sequins or he's totally over my attempts at crafting. (and, since he's my cat, you KNOW the first part of that statement isn't true...)


Paris said…
Your cat is darling!
Stop by my blog.

<3 Paris

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