Tomorrow is a big day for Rahree!

-Ash Wednesday. I try to do 3 things every Lent: give something up, meditate/pray (in my book they're interchangeable), and do something/give back to the people I love and my community. (I'm still trying to make a plan. The suggestion box is open!)

-A trip to Gettysburg College to work with a group of singers. I'm excited about going, for both the road trip aspect of the day (and the get outta the office aspect, too) and to talk with folks about this crazy business.

-A sad 5-year anniversary. Can you believe that my poor dad keeled over 5 years ago? (He would NOT approve of "keeled over" but since he left the party early he's got no veto rights anymore!) But this year it doesn't feel quite so bad. I miss him. I get panicky when I feel like I'm forgetting him. For the first time since 2008 I feel like I can both get through the day AND spread some love and encouragement, the way he did so effortlessly. Wow, it's a nice place to be...I didn't think I'd ever get here.

A day of reflection, sure. Moreso, a day of gratitude, of encouragement...a day to make plans and celebrate small victories. A day of remembrance, a day of tribute, a day of joy.

Pete Pokego


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