brief recap.

So, that week happened.

Bookended with opera, that week: starting last Saturday in Atlanta judging their 24-Hour Opera Project... and ending this afternoon with our season announcement. (Details on the web by Tuesday morning, I'm told.)

In between?

Trying to book a chamber music series. (For the record? If I ask you about one act and you try to sell me another - or five or ten others? That tells me that a.) you're not listening or b.) you're desperate. Neither instill confidence, or make sound business deals.)

Dealing with a broken heart...a pal is in bad straits, and I'm powerless. It's not a great feeling.

Rejoicing in the good news of family and friends! 2013 is starting in fantastic ways for some of my nearest and dearest, and that makes me SO happy!

Swimming upstream. Low energy, missed goals, lots of wondering where the time went. No doubt I(must be?)'m trying to figure things out, mostly the writing that I hope to get done before the season starts. Funny thing, the more I want to write, the less I actually do...

(Time to switch that out.)

So, in order to get re-energized, re-focused, re-inspired, I'm begging you for articles, artwork, music and words that hold special meaning to you. Help me de-funk-ify!


Stephanie said…
I can totally relate with "the more I want to write, the less I do" sadly enough. When I actually have thoughts in my head (it happens occasionally), finding the time and ability to put them down somehow becomes impossible!

I'll brainstorm and send all my inspiring resources your way!!! xoxo
rahree said…
thanks, lady! i'll take any and all the inspiration you've got to share!!

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