Heinz 57

...get it? A ketchup (catch-up) post.

The long and short of it was that it was a big week.


  • Season launch last Sunday. All KINDS of operatic goodness on tap!
  • 1st training session with a new personal trainer on Tuesday. Ow.
  • Ash Wednesday and a big sad family anniversary on Wednesday, along with a master class at a college in Pennsylvania. (add in some fantasticdeep-dish pizza, a little too much caffeine late in the day, and a snowy drive through three states.)
  • Friday - workout #2 with new trainer (turns out? She was being nice on Tuesday. DANG.) and a concert at work in the evening, at which I had the pleasure of pushing the button on the onstage slide show. 
Other stuff:
  • Started a new eating/exercising plan (hence the trainer)...still working out the kinks, but I have big hopes.
  • I've been reading this and this. And I love them both. It's refreshing, flipping back and forth between the 1500s and modern day. 
  • I'm in the process of purging my closet. Nothing 'meh' shall remain.
  • I wrote for a whopping 60 minutes today. Harumph. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the structural problems and put in at LEAST 3 hours. 
  • I love my Sunday evening yoga class, but I'm not a huge fan of pigeon pose (happy for the hip flexor stretch, but my knees and hips call me nasty names for hours after class is over.)...sad that we spent over 2 minutes on each side tonight. I'm a hobbling old woman. 
  • In honor of Fashion Week, I give you this. And also, this, because these are the ladies I'd like to be sitting next to at ALL THE SHOWS.
  • I've been a fan of Maggie for a long time - she parses the world in a way that I find entertaining and educational, without being too stuffy. Between the quote and the thought of a tattoo? Well, I've referred to this all too often in the last week or so.
  • Have you met ASynonymForLiving? I adore the girl (I should apologize to her, as she's forever frozen in my head and heart as a sensitive, precocious teen, even as I cherish her as an adult), her writing, and her aesthetic. She posted this poem, and I have also been going back to it often. (Not for reassurance...actually, I'm not sure why. But I have been visiting it.)
  • Agreed.
I've worked out hard for the last 3 days (it seems like such a small number! And still, I'm so amazingly tired!), so I'm spending the evening with the last glass of my dad's favorite cabernet, grazing the internet and contemplating a long soak in the tub. No work tomorrow (Hallelujah!), so this week should be infinitely more manageable than the last. 

(Here's hoping.)

My five:
  • Music shared with friends. I love having earfuls of tunes that are loved by my loved ones!
  • Challenges. Knowing that there's no way I can lift that heavy thing even one more time, but being asked to do so 5 times? And actually doing so? Well, it's a cool thing.
  • Orange nail polish. They may only see the light of day during yoga and the shower, but my toes are TOTALLY perky!
  • Writing snail-mail letters. With a fountain pen and good stationery. Suck it, technology.
  • Generosity. I've been the recipient of some really amazing, benevolent gestures recently, and am trying to both reciprocate and pass some forward. It's both heady and humbling stuff. (And, regardless of the news being full of gloom and doom, I'm inspired and heartened by the things I'm seeing personally. Wonderful, wonderful stuff!)
Two musical interludes for you this evening, both by REM, both a little innig. First one up was brought back to my attention by JHak, and the second was a natural follower.


Stephanie said…
I so need a trainer/exercise reboot! Please post all successful suggestions and tips. :) xoxo
rahree said…
i totally would post them if i could lift my arms to type. sheesh! just trying to shock the bod with as many different types of workouts as I can stand - running, power yoga, circuit classes, lifting weights...if I can make it through a few weeks of this, then I'll nail down a more serious plan and start eating better. (here's hoping!)

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