This post is not a flu post.

(Although there's a lot fo upset stomach in it...if the ol' norovirus has been near you recently? You may want to pass...)

It's been a busy weekend, chickadees. (Yes, I know it's Monday and therefore not technically still the weekend. Taking a little artistic license, there.)

  • We spilled the beans. All of 'em. Which means you can start getting your summer travel plans in order. (The first show opens on my big round birthday...which is also KPW's birthday. Consider yourself notified...we'll be collecting presents at the door.) (Not really.)
  • We celebrated hub's birthday belatedly with almost a dozen pals here. I ate more than I did at Thanksgiving, I swear. (Grits are my Achilles' heel, evidently...those and buttermilk biscuits with  sausage gravy. UNCLE.) I ate so very much that I didn't eat again all day, even after 30 minutes on the elliptical and a 75-minute power yoga class. The sheer amount of food I forced in? Well, my stomach was in revolt. My mouth, however, was joyous - that brunch is amazetastic!
  • Fast forward to this morning. I took a class at the gym called Shockwave. Awesome playlist (Poison, Jump Around, music!), on a circuit with rowing machines, kettlebells on stability platforms, viprs, all the fun toys. The length of the circuit is based on how fast the rowers can meet certain distances: 100 meters/200m/300m/200m/100m/200m/100m. If there's more than 1 of you rowing, you both have to row until you've both reached the distance. My partner was slower than I was (RAWR!) and then left halfway through class (whaaaa?) so I had to race the instructor. (He was a lovely gentleman, but he rowed the 100 in 22 seconds. 22 SECONDS. If I wasn't convinced of how amazingly out of shape I was before class started, I was fully in touch with it by the time class was over.) Boy, it's been awhile since the last time I seriously considered booting in a room full of strangers, but I almost got there. Dang.
  • I am tired of whining about writing and not doing it, so I'm using the pomodoro method. It's money so far, mostly in the fact that I limit my web surfing to the slender breaks. (Rather than limiting my writing to those slender 5-minute breaks...) Feeling good about some of the work I got done today, for the first time in weeks. 
  •  I defriended someone on the ol' FB. Someone who I don't know well made what was likely an innocuous comment, but it really made some folks - myself included, obvs - feel badly. So? Buh-bye. It drove home the fact that many of those folks are acquaintances, not friends, and I likely need to go in and manage my lists a bit. 
So! Busy!

But, lest my plans for world domination get buried (again) under a metric ton of the most delicious grits, here's my plan for the next month. Keep me honest. (Or call my brother and tell him I posted this - he is The Enforcer.)

  1. Classes/training sessions/jogs/yoga 4x weekly.
  2. Tracking every bite that goes into my mouth.
  3. Writing for an hour at least every other day - goal is 10,000 words/weekly for the first edit. 
  4. Holding down my job while doing numbers 1-3. (this might be the toughest item.)


airstreamdiva said…
I am a rabid fan of the pomodoro method. I am convinced the world could be conquered with just a few targeted 50min bursts of concentration.

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