Daylight Saving Whop-Me-Down

Well, that hour was stolen and somehow my good health went with it. LAME, DST....totes lame.

I've been sitting on my keister (kiester? keestir? butt. how's that?) all day, trying to not cough and fantasizing about milkshakes (which I can't eat, but would taste heavenly) and sun and being able to move without needing a tissue or hacking up a lung. Oh, and I've been reading internship applications, two-thirds of which tell me in no uncertain terms that they'd be FANTASTIC for the job with all of their related experience while simultaneously making errors in both spelling and grammar. As a colleague pithily said "If you tell me you are proficient at something, please spell proficient correctly." Or another thought - if you're not going to proof (or have someone else proof) your documents? Go ahead and leave that sentence about being "detail-oriented" out. Really, it's OK.

(I ranted more here. But it's really not all that interesting, just a grumpy old lady with a cold venting from her couch.)

So, to reward you for actually making it through DST Monday (Wouldn't it be better if it were MST3K Monday? That'd be rad.), I have links!

  • A blow-up perma-tent. BEST FORT EVER.
  • This - super pretty and sad, and you can hear a little bit of classical training on her [a] vowel in 'out.'
  • Time as a trip-toy.
  • The cats of my people. (That little one is a handful!)
  • This woman has polarized so many of my pals. It's funny - my writer pals seems to dig her, but my classical music pals? Not so much. I'm on the fence, but I do resonate with the eight foot woman; being seen, and asking for help. They're difficult things to do, moreso as we become increasingly separated from others. Or are they easier, with the faceless anonymity of the internet? I do not know... but I am interested in the discussion. 
Edited to add: Here's another thoughtful perspective on her talk.
Happy Monday, all. Hoping this week is exceedingly sweet for everyone.


airstreamdiva said…
girrrrllll... I adore that bike. le sigh.

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