Holding patterns.

So. It’s April.

In the environs of Washington, D.C., it still very much feels like March. Early March. I’m still layering tights and socks, still wearing stocking caps when I jog and walk the dog. But the sky is bright blue, and the trees are budding red...spring is coming, regardless of what the mercury says. On Tuesday I saw a blue heron, a pair of squabbling bluebirds, and a ring-tailed hawk, all in my little suburban neighborhood...they're all ready for spring, methinks. Hoping Mother Nature cooperates!

The cold is insulating me a little bit from the imminent seasonal demands of my job. We joke, around the office, of the widows and widowers that we leave behind on Memorial Day, and try to reconnect with after Labor  Day. Things are ramping up in a big, intense way, but with the chill in the air it’s easy to dismiss those time-sensitive concerns...plenty of time to deal with them, right?

Aaaahhh... if only.

Contributing to the radio silence? (And the dearth of exuberance here, no doubt.) I’ve been doing Whole30 (a 30-day Paleo introduction: meat, veggies, fruit, some nuts and oils)  for the last 18 days. 12 more to go. It’s been a serious adjustment: there’s not a usual dish in my kitchen repertoire that fits in this particular program. My mid-afternoon candy breaks and morning yogurt and sushi lunches? All things of the past. (Now, full disclosure, I’m doing this partially to self-diagnose some food sensitivities. And I’m a fan of committing 100% - I’m not a halfway kind of girl. The positive is that it’s been really helpful - I’m feeling really good! But I’m sad at the thought that wine and cheese might not make it back into my repertoire.) So it’s taken big brain cells to figure out what I can eat, and what I feel for, and what I can substitute for Girl Scout cookies to make the cravings go away. (Hint: ain’t nothing takes the place of Samoas.) I am finding that, thinking so much about food makes me better able to edit, but less able to create new content. Crazy, right? But the structure in this one area of my life is trying to fit the rest of my life into boxes...I’m being rewired in a way.

(I’m hoping against hope that it’ll become second nature soon, and I can get back to serious daydreaming. I miss it!)

So, I’m paddling. Treading water before the work sh*t hits the fan, trying to take some time off before it’s impossible to get away. Not writing very much. Dreaming of warmer weather and summer dresses and pedicures and sandals. They’re coming soon, and I’ll be tired of them soon after that...but I’m ready. 

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  Wishing you all some unexpected good news in the coming days. 


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