Day One.


Woke up at 5:30am as the cat used hubs' face as a pommel horse to attack the bird singing outside the window. Luckily, the bird survived, and hubs still has both eyes. (win-win?)

Wore a dress that I was contemplating giving away. And a necklace - I never wear necklaces. And flats. FLATS. And even though I was dressed as a total impostor? Managed to eke out compliments from a slew of folks, including a random police officer at Whole Foods and several colleagues. What's up with that? (Needless to say, I'm keeping the dress.)

Drove to Arlington to pick up our awesome company manager, who started work today. Forwarded at least 40 emails and to-do items to him. is SO much better now!

Met two of our interns (who are both adorable and supah smaht) and the rock star stage management team for Viaggio. We're in good hands.

Brain dumped all day. Really, I can't remember the last time I talked so much. Hoping I wasn't super annoying, but guessing that I might've been at least a bit.

Made it home with energy to spare. Thought I'd try to make something new for dinner. Total. Fiasco. One the likes of which I haven't seen in months. I'm either a kitchen goddess or I need to get out of my comfort zone more often. (likely a little of both.) 

Finally. 8pm. Sitting (aaaah) on the porch with 2 animals, a spritzer, an imperfect pedicure and a streak of self-tanner across my instep. On the docket for the rest of the evening? Dishes. A walk with the dog. Some yoga, hopefully without the cat staking claim mid-sequence to the very center of my mat. 

There's a slight breeze, making the trees' movement look somehow choreographed, like they're Follies girls practicing their routines. 

Keep dancing, ladies. You're lovely. 

My five:
1. Days that fly.
2. Good people.
3. Quiet evenings. 
4. Flip flops with little nubs on the insoles.
5. Beginnings.


airstreamdiva said…
This sounds just wonderful, Ms. Rahree. I will miss seeing your face this summer, but look forward to reading about your adventures. :)

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