ramping up.

Not enough brain cells for narrative. So, bullets.
  • Hubs and I spent a few days on a lake in Western Maryland. No interwebs, no phone (although we coulda had both, just opted out): instead? Books and hiking and lots of remembering what it feels like to disconnect. Verdict: I have to unplug more often. Sheesh.
  • Spent a few days in the radio station with some alarmingly productive talent. We got seven (!) shows recorded, and it felt like buttah, it was so easy. While we were there I futzed around with video for hours...I wish I were better at it, but boy, it's fun to do!
  • In less than a week I'm going to Vancouver! Unreasonably excited. Any recommendations on things I must do/see?
  • I played two songs in front of people tonight. The first I got too nervous...false start, and then stopped half-way through so I could get to the good part without messing it up. I got there, finished it ok... The second tune, because I was playing in support of someone else, was easier, but still glitchy (new instrument, + a technology glitch. That was my fault. Ouff.) and not great. I'm amazed at how rusty that performance muscle has become, and also at how unconcerned I am about it. Because the reality is that I can play piano, and do so pretty well when no one's listening. And it seems that playing well for myself is more valuable than playing pretty for others. I'm happy about that, but I'm going to force myself to get out there a little more musically - it's going to suck, but I think I need to strengthen that performance muscle. 
  • (I work with fun musical people. It's cool.)
  • I'm reminded of how strongly I'm drawn to project work. I'm so happy to be thrown bum-over-kiester into a project for a finite period of time, and then tie up the loose ends and walk away. I'm always really excited about the summer - I need to find and pursue those things in my personal life. (She says, as she's about to give up all of her free time for months...)
It's the Introvert's Last Hurrah - a few weeks to store up energy before the summer. And yet, my schedule - professional and social - is busting at the seams. If you have rituals/traditions that make you feel relaxed, that help you to recharge, won't you please share them?

I'll be putting this little number on a loop, I think...


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