Day off status check.

3:52pm EDT.

Hair: air-dried.
Body: showered.
Feet: flip-flopped.
Stomach: full of sushi and pinot.
Ears: splitting the difference between pandora (iron & wine), leaves rustling in the breeze, and distant traffic noise.
Eyes: reacting poorly to the computer screen. 
Lips: Dry. Where is my chapstick?
Shoulders: fatigued from a good yoga practice, but pretty relaxed.
Knees: sore. Why are heels so cute, and yet so difficult?
Mind: spinning happily between observation and daydreaming.

Chores: undone.
House: messy.
Dog: restful.
Cat: evil, but sleeping. so, momentarily benign.
Nap: imminent.

I get a day off weekly in the summer, today is the day. I have damned the to-do list, and am frittering the day away in a most splendid manner. Journaling and doodling on the porch with the radio playing and a vat of iced coffee; a long dog walk with swimming, fetch and new friends thrown in; books about bookbinders and Paris and my own chicken-scratch writing; digging (slowly and poorly, if enthusiastically) into some Handel and Scriabin on the piano; a new pen and notebook (the possibilities are truly endless and so very exciting!); lunch with a friend; skype with another this evening; sweet conversations with clerks and waiters and random passersby. 

I love my job. But equally I love the solitude, the unstructured time, the time to just observe. It's nice to be able to be, rather than only do.

(do be do be dooooooo.)

Hoping you find some idle time today.

(Oh, and if you have suggestions on must-sees in Paris? You should let me know. September!!)


A shift in routine.

I'm a creature of habit. I have a morning routine that is leisurely to say the least: wake up, 45 minutes with coffee and a journal. Dog walk. Yoga. Shower. Dress & spackle & to work. It's a lovely way to start the day off on the right foot.

We started technical rehearsals for Viaggio last night. The run was smooth, especially for first tech. But maybe more importantly for yours truly (because our team is so good that I don't ever worry about technical issues), it started to unfurl as a show, and as a really sparkly, adorable one at that.

I was home by midnight, which was quite luxurious. Due to a large, post-nap iced coffee, I was also wide-awake for a few hours post-rehearsal.

I was still pretty surprised when I woke up at 10am (! HORRORS!), precisely 1 hour before needing to be at work. So, no morning ritual this morning: shower, dres & spackle, drive to the office.

As I sit at the front desk, listening to a lone harpist warm up before this morning's rehearsal, I'm thinking that shaking up my morning routine might in fact be a really good thing.

Barbie Dream Spa, or the set of Viaggio


It's summer, isn't it?

So many things happening, so few brain cells. It's always like this, and yet every year I'm caught totally off guard. 

The short story version? Things are good. The singers are all incredibly talented and incredibly warm and generous. The show is frothy and interesting, and the team is shaping it into a really great piece. (Which coming from me is saying a lot, because I'm not a huge fan of light dramas and millions of notes... but this might actually make me a fan.) A colleague said "Wow. Usually when you hear this piece, you hear a lot of character voices (because there are a million-and-one parts. It's a huge ensemble piece and pretty difficult to cast), but this is really phenominal - to have such great singers in ALL of the parts. It's amazing!" After sneaking in to listen to some of the Grand Pezzo, I'd agree 100%.

I spent most of today in Excel hell, trying to find some quiet to wrap my head around figures and such. It was a bit of a challenge - I second-guess myself quite a bit, and have all kinds of ancillary documents about how I came up with those numbers. Numbers aren't really my thing, but it makes me proud when everything lines up into neat rows - like sudoku, but with ledger lines. So, even though I'm not done, I made some good progress. And, since it was technically Monday, it was a good day to delve into a big project. 

We have an event tomorrow, and some rehearsals around it, but it'll actually be a pretty low-key day. (Well, aside from moving walls and grand pianos while wearing skirts and heels, but that's kinda how we roll.) 

This morning's wake up was at 5:30am with a sick dog. And while I'm almost over the remnants of allergy-induced sinusitis (honeysuckle? I love that you're all over my neighborhood and that you smell so good, but why you gotta do me like that?), I'm not quite over it. So after this little rest on the porch I'm headed in for an early night and a bit of reading &/or writing. I just finished The Interestings (loved), Maya's Notebook (liked quite a bit), and I watched a web series called Submissions Only that I am Obsessed (capital O) with. It's the audition tour, but from a theater perspective...and ohmystinkinheck is it funny! And sweet. And awkward. I think that finding that funny/sweet/awkward trifecta must be one of the most difficult things to do, and I always fall in love when it's done well. (Moonrise Kingdom. Even that movie with Gwyneth Paltrow being a little bit goth and that guy with the tennis headband/wristband  - that one too.)

Enjoy your evening, chickadees!


Off to the Races, opera style

My pal Justin was in the Broadway revival of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. He snuck me and a friend in to see it during previews last October, and I could sing along with almost everything - thanks to a stint music directing it in a small community theater in the 'burgh in the early 90s.

Fast forward to this summer. One of our pianists for the Rossini just happened to be the guy who played in the pit for that very same Drood-stravaganza! We went to the same school in Pittsburgh. (He just had a birthday yesterday, too! But he's younger than I am, lucky devil.)

Two fun small-world connections to a work that I think is adorable.

But now? I'm channelling a specific excerpt from that show: "Off to the Races."

Because we are. 


With twice as many people as last year, and without a key staffer (She'll be with us soon, but we're missing her like woah!) we have already hit that breathless, mid-summer pace. Add onto that new payroll and hiring instructions, and the first summer of our brilliant new CEO (and the tweaks and explorations that are part of any regime change), and you've got a girl who comes home and can't talk for 2 hours for the sheer amount of stuff running through her head. 

Put succinctly? I'm swamped. Mid-July swamped, and the Studio hasn't even arrived!

I'm spending today trying to recharge: had a kick-ass workout this morning, and walked into town to run errands. The kitchen is clean and a mountain of laundry has been tackled. I'm planning to do some reading (and yes, some dozing) on the porch. (Hog-riders, go ahead and use Berry Street instead of mine...cuz imma need you to keep it down.)

Hoping you all have just the right amount of relaxation and stimulation in your weekend.