A shift in routine.

I'm a creature of habit. I have a morning routine that is leisurely to say the least: wake up, 45 minutes with coffee and a journal. Dog walk. Yoga. Shower. Dress & spackle & to work. It's a lovely way to start the day off on the right foot.

We started technical rehearsals for Viaggio last night. The run was smooth, especially for first tech. But maybe more importantly for yours truly (because our team is so good that I don't ever worry about technical issues), it started to unfurl as a show, and as a really sparkly, adorable one at that.

I was home by midnight, which was quite luxurious. Due to a large, post-nap iced coffee, I was also wide-awake for a few hours post-rehearsal.

I was still pretty surprised when I woke up at 10am (! HORRORS!), precisely 1 hour before needing to be at work. So, no morning ritual this morning: shower, dres & spackle, drive to the office.

As I sit at the front desk, listening to a lone harpist warm up before this morning's rehearsal, I'm thinking that shaking up my morning routine might in fact be a really good thing.

Barbie Dream Spa, or the set of Viaggio


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