Day off status check.

3:52pm EDT.

Hair: air-dried.
Body: showered.
Feet: flip-flopped.
Stomach: full of sushi and pinot.
Ears: splitting the difference between pandora (iron & wine), leaves rustling in the breeze, and distant traffic noise.
Eyes: reacting poorly to the computer screen. 
Lips: Dry. Where is my chapstick?
Shoulders: fatigued from a good yoga practice, but pretty relaxed.
Knees: sore. Why are heels so cute, and yet so difficult?
Mind: spinning happily between observation and daydreaming.

Chores: undone.
House: messy.
Dog: restful.
Cat: evil, but sleeping. so, momentarily benign.
Nap: imminent.

I get a day off weekly in the summer, today is the day. I have damned the to-do list, and am frittering the day away in a most splendid manner. Journaling and doodling on the porch with the radio playing and a vat of iced coffee; a long dog walk with swimming, fetch and new friends thrown in; books about bookbinders and Paris and my own chicken-scratch writing; digging (slowly and poorly, if enthusiastically) into some Handel and Scriabin on the piano; a new pen and notebook (the possibilities are truly endless and so very exciting!); lunch with a friend; skype with another this evening; sweet conversations with clerks and waiters and random passersby. 

I love my job. But equally I love the solitude, the unstructured time, the time to just observe. It's nice to be able to be, rather than only do.

(do be do be dooooooo.)

Hoping you find some idle time today.

(Oh, and if you have suggestions on must-sees in Paris? You should let me know. September!!)


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