• I've lost track of days. Today is Monday, by the calendar. By my body clock it's more like the second Tuesday of the week, or Wednesday-and-a-half. Time in late July gets weird - both sticky and slippery all at once.
  • Speaking of days of the week, I started re-reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy last night. I learned two things - first that Neil Gaiman (!) wrote Don't Panic, which makes me adore him even more, if it were at all possible. And secondly, that Thursdays are difficult across the galaxy, and not just for me. 
  • Usually in late July I'm super touchy - overextended, feeling uncared for, watching balls and spinning plates drop all over creation, and wholly overtired. I'm there this year - don't get me wrong - but somehow slightly less-so. The weather has been positively autumnal, and I've been able to get out for two good runs in the last four days, which always helps with my mental neighborhood. 
  • The weather is taunting me a little bit, though...I'm starting to collate lists of things that I want to do once my time is more my own. Writing, exercising, cooking, less computer time, more face-to-face time.
  • I've been dreaming of road trips...a sign that my brain is tired of only driving to and from the office, with stops at the grocery store and 'bux. Sunny day, good playlist, time to stop at farmers markets and visit with friends before hitting my destination...sounds like a wonderful thing, doesn't it? I'm almost (almost) jealous of the singers and their road trips and caravans to their next project.
  • My house is a total pig sty. It's epic. So don't ask to visit, because no one's allowed inside for several weeks, until I can de-crust it. So. Gross. 
  • My bathroom is pristine, however, because I scoured it and then took a bath with one of these. And then slept like it was my JOB. (Waking up rested at 3am? Irritating, but also a little amazing. Especially when you can get back to sleep for several hours.)
  • In a few weeks I'll be needing epic amounts of inspiration. What books/websites/thoughts/ projects have you energized? Help me challenge my brain!
I'm loving that there's still summer left, and that I have time to hang with the wonderful singers and music staff and admin folks before they scatter. And I'm a little bit proud that I'm finding a way to claim a little bit of balance back into the summer routine. 

Hoping that your Monday feels a little more like Saturday eve or Wednesday afternoon than a traditional Monday.


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