So, Monday.

Today was so weird. Good, but weird.

1. Went to a meeting in which I had nothing at all to contribute. (But that's ok - I like listening, and I'm happy to be the dumbest girl in the room because I learn a lot.)
2. Found that a potential big problem was actually no problem at all. Bonus: it was numbers/money related. (That's a big ol' win in my book!)
3. Celebrated a colleague's birthday with cake and singing. Because THAT is the Wolf Trap Way.
4. Came home to a care package from a pal on the West Coast!  Books on Paris and a laminated card  extolling my ninja skills. (nonexistent, but evidently still awesome.)
5. Sat & chatted with a pianist pal who I haven't seen in much too long. Good times!
6. Found out that I made it into a local professional development program. 
7. Successfully avoided all things soy and cake, while still eating/drinking deliciously.
8. Wore a necklace. (I do it maybe 4-6 times a year. They're just not my thing.)
9. Ate vegetables at all three meals. I might actually be a grown up! 
10. Sadly got a glimpse of a colleague's bare ass. Unintentionally. (Wow, do I really even need to add that qualifier?!?) Cover those bits & pieces, ladies and gents...because sometimes your colleagues can't unsee that shit, no matter how much they might wish they could.
11. Tried to solidify my reputation as a Candy Pusher. (C'mon know these bon bons aren't gonna eat themselves...everybody's doing it. Just try one, that's all I'm asking...) I think it's going pretty well.

I'm on the porch, moments away from walking the dog around the block. There's a tornado watch to our east. I mistook a very large Japanese beetle for a cicada earlier today. A lovely breeze is wafting through the neighborhood. The cat is, generally, doing the opposite of what I hope he'll do (puking on the carpet, running away from me and then trying to get my attention by clawing on the window behind my head), but I've not been able to get reverse psychology to work on the little bastard. Both he and the dog are giddy that I've broken the ban on dairy products - more specifically, sharp cheddar cheese.  

Ok, so maybe the day was actually good and I'm the one who's weird. 

(Totally OK with that.)


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